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Two weeks ago, I fucked a Hillary Clinton lookalike escort, I made her do the roleplay of Hillary Clinton, which she both hated and loved. She loved my behavior with her, but she hated performing the roleplay of Hillary Clinton because she hates Hillary.

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One paganic religious leader once told me that when a starving and passionate dick full of sensitivity and a starving and passionate pussy oozing with sensuality meet, the minor gods get together and dance. But he added that the societies and religions have killed the sex drive of the people with ugly institutions like marriage, prostitution, etc, and hence it doesn’t happen frequently although we have a population of over 7 billion humans on earth.

It is my personal observation that you can tell about the sex drive of a man or a woman by the kind of music they listen to. Those who like to listen to the Depeche Mode the most seem to have the highest sex drive and that’s the reason why a rising singer that goes by the name ‘Trevor Something’ has so many comments under his Youtube videos with the female commentators wearing nothing but bikinis, lingeries and sometimes nothing at all.

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I personally believe that one day, we will have an Amazon and an eBay of the escort market and that day is not far. What a pity, if they make the society free for sex, we will not have to depend upon such things at all.

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Tony Watanabe started importing VR headsets from the Republic of China and selling the same online and offline after once he couldn’t enjoy his most favorite BBW Hentai porn without a VR headset. Tony realized that there must be a huge demand for the VR headsets after this and he was right, his business is booming ever since.

Tony believes that using foul language doubles the fun while having sex but his wife doesn’t agree with this belief of Tony, she hates it when he uses such language.

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I have done some of the craziest things that you can imagine to increase my sexual stamina in the past and although most of those didn’t work, now I believe that I have found the real goldmine. I have been practicing the infamous yoga pose Vajroli mudra for a while to increase my sexual stamina for a while now and it has greatly increased my sexual stamina, I must say.

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I love to learn new languages and the most recent language that I attempted to learn was the Hindi language. I stopped learning it only after a couple of days as I observed it early enough that speaking or thinking in the Hindi language reduces libido, which is worst than suicide for me.

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I have a friend who owns his own Keto restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. He is in his late 30s and his wife is in her early 40s. She always tells him that she has got bored of him sexually, but she has been hiring the very same gigolo for years now and doesn’t seem to be bored of the same. You will be surprised to know that the gigolo is in his late 40s.

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This friend of mine says that he cannot imagine how the strip clubs are still in the business when there is a more porn produced in a day than a person can consume in a lifetime. He claims to have never been to one.

He believes that the porn industry is not using the real life mother and daughter pornstars with big natural breasts – Andi James and Britt James right and no porn producer seems to understand their real potential.

He has been campaigning against violent and bestiality porn for years now and says that no matter how hard he campaigns, there seems to be no positive effect of any of it.

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I believe that only someone with a serious mental issue is going to marry or hire hookers when he can fuck a fleshlight or a sex doll watching his favorite XXX Video with just one-time investment.

Almost everything has gone expensive over the past 2 decades, gasoline, food, real estate, you name it, but in case of the porn, only quality has gone up, not the price, almost all of it is free now if you have a high speed internet connection. There would have been no Jesus Christ if there were porn in the ancient times, Jesus would be too busy choking his pee-pee.

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I personally believe that measure B is a must and it must be enforced among pornstars everywhere. I am reminded of this because I saw the male pornstar fucking that career woman in the video had a condom on throughout, even during the BJ, which is really a sign of progress.

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She also says that the escort girls that don’t allow their pictures to be posted on the official website of the escort agency must allow the escort agency to post their black and white portrait at least because nobody wants a surprise if they are paying that kind of a money for a little bit of fun.

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I highly doubt that this current girlfriend of mine used to work as an escort herself to satiate her very high libido and also to make an extra buck but I dare not ask her. She was most likely an Escort Marseille She is a fine fucking MILF and I am not doing anything that will take her away from me. Each time I fuck her, the next day my dick is so hard that each day feels like a new day when I hit the puberty. She loves to get licked.

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