I highly doubt that my current MILF GF used to be an escort in Marseille

My current girlfriend is a bisexual woman who claims to have had sex with several social workers till date. She says that both male and female social workers are some of the worst people in the bedroom with ugly looks and lower libidos. She also claims that social workers are more likely to commit suicide as well.

My current girlfriend firmly believes that there will be universities in the near future that will teach escorting courses. She believes that the foundation of such universities will start from the Netherlands or Thailand. She adds that looking at the rapidness of the development in certain Asian countries, first university of that kind will most likely be built in Thailand. She also believes that in the future, there will be recruitment agencies that will get men and women employment into escort agencies in a very organized way.

She also says that the escort girls that don’t allow their pictures to be posted on the official website of the escort agency must allow the escort agency to post their black and white portrait at least because nobody wants a surprise if they are paying that kind of a money for a little bit of fun.

My girlfriend keeps surfing

I highly doubt that this current girlfriend of mine used to work as an escort herself to satiate her very high libido and also to make an extra buck but I dare not ask her. She was most likely an Escort Marseille She is a fine fucking MILF and I am not doing anything that will take her away from me. Each time I fuck her, the next day my dick is so hard that each day feels like a new day when I hit the puberty. She loves to get licked.

What would an even funnier mechanic than Scotty Kilmer would refer to the Smoking Blowjob as?

I have a mechanic friend who refers to the pussy juice as grease. He he has a terminology of his own for almost everything sexual. He refers to the ovarian cyst as the engine failure. I don’t know what term would he use for the smoking blowjob, but I am sure that he has an interesting one for that as well.

This mechanic friend of mine claims that the lighter the color of a pussy or a dick, the better it tastes. He is not ashamed of being a bisexual and one of his competitors posted a negative review on his Google Places listing telling everyone that he is a bisexual, thinking that he is going to destroy his business just by that, the mechanic received a lot of support and more customers due to the same while the hating competitor’s business got completely destroyed.

This mechanic friend of mine claims that the younger intellectual women are no fun in bed at all whereas the older intellectual women are extremely fun and horny in bed.

He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and before finding his own automotive mechanic business, he worked for the Toyota, where he helped set up their plant in India. He claims to have fucked several Indian women there and says that Malayali Indian pussies are the best among all Indian pussies, especially when the owner of the pussy is a Christian Malayali woman. He even showed me a sex video of his where he fucked a Malayali Indian naturally busty woman in her early 30s for 75 minutes straight.

Old and young men wank to the Japanese MILF porn alike

I find it very hard to resist if I see a beautiful chick wearing a skirt walking down the streets. It doesn’t matter to me if she has stunning legs or not, she just has to have a beautiful face and a body.

Many people try to compare the modern escort services with the Uber cabs. Not to mention that they don’t get to give analogies of escort services much nowadays, since the massage parlours have taken over, especially those Nuru ones.

No modern escort agency that I know accepts cheques and that’s one of the places where they are losing to the massage parlours.

I have a Japanese accountant friend living in the US for past 6 years, who claims that the WWE and WCW wrestler – Booker T used to pimp girls in the city of Shreveport, Louisiana, before becoming a wrestler.

This Japanese accountant friend of mine keeps saying all the time that he is tired of seeing his penis getting shrunken each day but he jacks to the hot Japanese MILF videos nonetheless.

This Japanese accountant friend of mine is married to a strict Catholic woman who doesn’t agree to use the pull-out method since the day she read about the sin of Onan, but she agrees to take a pill. He keeps telling her that her pussy doesn’t feel good enough with a condom on and he only prefers the pull-out method. Each night he lies to her that he is going to end up cumming inside her pussy but pulls out each time before that. It is really funny how he is able to make her a fool each time.

Big Tits wife turned her building contractor husband into a cuckold to take a revenge on a petty thing

They should teach it in the schools that a fine woman costs more than the most expensive car in the long run. Don’t believe me? Ask Jeff Bezos. His is not even that fine.

I have a building contractor friend who wishes all the time if he could build his wife’s lower back any stronger. His wife’s lower back gets really sore each time he fucks her in the missionary position. He has tried keeping a pillow beneath her many times but it didn’t work. Once his wife’s back hurt so much that she decided to fuck a neighboring BBC and turn him into a cuckold, she even uploaded their movie on a cuckold tube website. She only likes to fuck in the doggystyle position with her hair getting pulled, he told this to the black guy as well who did exactly the same throughout the video. Her tits are so big, they cannot be hidden no matter how hard she tries, I call those Continuously Vulnerable Tits – CVT. The black guy and her did rapid speed ass-to-mouth throughout the video, I named it Dual Clutch Transmission.

I talked to her after watching her video, she told me that she was rather looking for a dick that was born in 1993 or later but couldn’t find it and had to do with a BBC.

She has been saving money to get into sex equipment business as she believes that’s where the future is. She said to me that you can make a good living being a sex worker or a pornstar but she is certain that the sex equipment industry is going to make her a fortune.

This sex freak cannot get enough of wanking to the Lawyer Emma Starr’s 720p Sex Movies

I have a friend who told me that women are more likely to get addicted to a dick with a huge girth than a man is likely to get addicted to a tight pussy.

This friend of mine has a huge libido, he is married and he always has a couple of stand-by girlfriends for the times when his wife is not available.

This friend of mine lived in Southeast Asia for a great length of time including in Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. He claims to have the most fun with different women, mostly masseuses, in Vietnam and Thailand. He never gets tired of repeating that comparing a Vietnamese chick to a Thai one is like comparing a Mazda to a Subaru, in other words, they both have their own advantages and their own shortcomings.

He also claims to have had tons of sex with two of Colonel Gaddafi’s Ukrainian female bodyguards, he claims that they both are two of the worst women on the bed, and an incredibly powerful and wealthy man like Gaddafi had to be peanuts in his head to use such women as his sex dolls.

He claims to have recently met the infamous MILF pornstar of the late 2000s and early 2010s – Emma Starr, while in Dallas, Texas, who also happens to be a lawyer. He says that he was surprised to see that she has retired for religious reasons and now spends most of her time doing social and religious work. While she was telling him about how great is god and how everyone should bow down to him and spend all their lives working on his path, this crazy friend of mine told her that he really cannot get enough of wanking to her 720p Sex Movies and he really wishes if she were active now as well and worked in Super-HD movies as a GILF.

I wish my favorite Japanese pornstars become a part of upcoming Universal Stripperhood

Getting to know the name of a stunning pornstar whose video you just recently watched and jacked off to is not a big deal anymore. There was a time when getting to know the name of a Japanese pornstar used to be the most difficult and complex, but that’s not the case anymore.

Us humans are the most intelligent species on the planet as we are the only ones that enjoy seeing other couples having sex. It is a great sight for us men to see a stunning woman of any race take a long, bick dick in her pussy and ride.

I believe in a thing called Universal Stripperhood where the women from all across the globe should be allowed to strip without anyone telling them not to and wherever they want to, whenever they want to. The governments should be made obliged to pay for their traveling expenses and anyone criticizing them ought to be punished by the law.

I have talked to many strip dance lovers including the most popular ones. One of the most infamous wrestlers of all time – Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker aka the Mean Mark told me that he preferred his stripper without any make up, whereas the other infamous wrestler – Kevin Nash aka Diesel aka Oz told me that he preferred his strippers with full makeup on. I personally like mine with makeup on if she has an ugly face but a hot body and without makeup if she has a pretty face regardless of whether she has a voluptuous body or a thin one. In only one condition will I prefer my stripper with full makeup on regardless of whether she has a pretty face or not and that is when the stripper is 30 years old or more. I prefer ugly young strippers over stunning old strippers anyway.

Even transgender men and women love to watch Amazon porn

I know several transgender people and they all have one thing in common and that is that they watch more porn than they fuck in reality. They like to watch a lot of porn on the Amazon porntube as well.

I believe that all the masturbation gloves available in the market presently are useless and that’s the reason why I want to launch my own brand for masturbation gloves.

I checked a recent survey in which it was mentioned that the men that spend more time jacking off to their favorite porn are far more happier than the ones that fuck the pussy of their favorite women regularly.

“Two big mountains and a valley,

having an off-road in the valley.”

The above mentioned poetry is what my 21 year old nephew came up with in a recent family party when everyone was drunk. This nephew of mine tells me that he never chases a woman who is good at debates or is a good public speaker. He also told me that the chicks nowadays are so desperate for the bodybuilder men that they mess up with the bodybuilder bouncers in order to get groped because they hate their rich and ugly boyfriends. I am happy that this was not the case with us when I was his age.

I told this nephew of mine what my grandfather told me and that is that the true happiness is not hidden in how much money you make but rather how many pussies you fuck.

Big dick, I got a big dick, coz I fuck with your chick, call my dick the King dick

Hey friends! Welcome here!

If you have a big dick like myself, then you can take a lot of “tips” from my blog and if you don’t, then you can send your spouse, GF or any cock-hungry woman that you know, to me. I will take care of her completely.

My most favorite place to pick up chicks from is the Swimming pool. I find it hard to resist the wet and beautiful women there in their skimpy clothes and they find it hard to resist my superhuge cock that is visible from my speedo too.

After having spent time with women belonging to different age groups, shapes, sizes, races and colors, I have come to the conclusion that it is the older women that try their hardest to give you a good time, especially if you are a man between 22-35.

Together with my long-time girlfriend, I have had threesomes and foursomes with other chicks, mainly escorts, it really looks and feels something out of a porn movie. My girlfriend loves to hire Russian escorts in Goa for me.

Not one Christmas season has gone by for years when I didn’t smash my long-time girlfriend at least twice a day.

If you have a tiny limp dick, I will have your girlfriends posing for the photographs while they are butt naked, I guarantee you. I have the voice of Lionel Makepeace from GTA Vice City Emotion 98.3 Radio and I think that should convey a lot to you that how I get chicks wet just with my voice. I get them wet like Ravishing Rick Rude did to Kathie Lee in a live show.

I most frequently visit the wives of the army men. The wives of the army men have affairs with other men while their husbands go out to protect the country. I am a true patriot as I protect the families of the army men by keeping their wives satiated and happy while their husbands protect the nation. Several army men haven’t left their job in the army because they know that I am there to keep their wives happy, so they can serve the nation without any worries. I am always ready as I don’t have refractory periods for over 2 minutes, ever.

I love Hungarian women because they are always hungry for more and that’s the reason why some of the topmost mainstream pornstars are Hungarian. My personal most favorite Hungarian pornstar is Angie Noir. I cannot get enough of her videos. I have bought each and every video that she ever released on Clips4Sale in order to support her and my dick. I get my girlfriend dressed like good old Angie Noir in some of her videos and have her roleplay like her.

Also, roleplay before sex is never a waste of time, it gets your chick wild and hot for the main action.

There are many gay rich Mormons that have married straight women and they now can’t get hard for their wives, that’s where I come into the picture. I am really responsible for keeping so many families stable and their female members satisfied and sane.