Tasmanian Female Misogynist doesn’t believe in the Institution of Marriage but Vibrators

Patricia Kay Dube from Tasmania, Australia, claims to have never seen 2 gay friends who didn’t have a couple of things in common, excluding their sexual orientation.

Patricia herself doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage and hence claim that she will stay a celibate for the rest of her life, but she has been running a marriage bureau for the past 3 months now, which has been doing better than she herself expected.

Patricia is also a sex blogger and she doesn’t hesitate to use her real name on her sex blog. She writes that it helps her find better matches for one night flings, the only thing that she loves more than her own life.

Patricia writes on her blog that the drop-outs are generally not as much fun as their college counterparts in the bedroom.

Patricia is a huge fan of the vibrators and she orders it from none other than vibrator home.

Patricia knows several popular Australian adult models. She also claims to be pen friends with several Playboy Models. She writes on her blog that deep down every mainstream adult model wants to become a pornstar but very few of them would ever admit it.

Patricia believes that Hindus are half-right when they claim that the god lives inside every being. She says that they are half-right because the god only lives in a human male’s body. She believes that the god lives in the male testicles and she says that this is the part that gives the human males their amazing intuitive and rational capabilities. She adds that she believes that the female intuitiveness is a hoax created to impress women by the mainstream media and some delusional authors. She adds that she doesn’t care if someone thinks of her as a misogynist.

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