Been enjoying Kochi and Spanish Beauties for the Past 4 Months, Some were Escorts, Some were Pornstars

Last month, I met an All-Natural Indian chick through an escort service in Kochi, while I was there in Kerala, who told me that the women who claim that they don’t care about how long a guy lasts, clearly lie. She said that the case might be true for the women with extremely low estrogen levels and high prolactin levels, both at the same time or either at once, but it is far from being the truth for any of the woman that she knows personally and especially the women who work for the very same escort service in Kochi.

She told me that even though she spends most of his days and nights fucking, she still cannot get enough of dicks and the most crucial thing to her is how long her client is able to last.

She also said to me that if you don’t get an erection even when a hot and voluptuous chick like herself gives you a hug then you definitely need a treatment for your ED, which definitely wasn’t the case for me, I was ready for the second round as soon as my first one was finished and she didn’t even give me a hug after I was done fucking her for the first time.

I was in Spain in the December of 2019, where I met the naturally busty curly pornstar MILF beauty – Merce Palau. She offered me her pussy for an entire night in exchange for a blog just like this one, I negotiated it to her pussy for two nights but never built the blog. A friend told me that she has been looking for my contact information ever since but she hasn’t been able to find me, lol. Several benefits come with being a web developer and free delicious pussies are just a few of those.

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