Not LiveJasmin, but its Alternatives are the places to visit if you wanna chat with some fresh Punjabi Pussies

Nothing is better than a 6 feet tall Punjabi woman below the age of 42 who is horny enough to initiate the sex session with you. I tell you this from personal experience of fucking over tens of Punjabi beauties while I was in Toronto, Canada. The best place to hunt Punjabi pussies in Canada is the city of Mississauga. They are in plenty over there. And if you want to see a demo of how good the Punjabi pussies are, just check out some on any of the Alternatives to LiveJasmin. You will always find a couple of them logged in there wearing nothing at all or undergarments at most.

I strongly believe that someone really needs to bring about a revolution in the adult toy business soon enough or it will be over. I don’t think that they have been able to make the adult toys, be it for straight men or women or LGBT community, as technologically advanced as they ought to be. I believe that the reason is there are no major players or some of the biggest multinational corporations working in the arena. If the people had minds broad enough to accept sexuality as it is, the problem wouldn’t have persisted.

I personally believe that there will be a larger number of popular porn series than all the other series combined, whether belonging to the television, internet or magazines, by the year 2030.

I recently met an immigrant from Israel in the New York City, who told me that the fucking that goes on between the Israeli male and female soldiers on a daily basis is unbelievable. He further added that those Israeli soldiers fuck better than most of the pornstars. I asked him whether he got lucky ever, he replied “No, because he is ugly and not confident enough. His dick is also small.” I advised him to join the porn industry and play the role of little cuckold sissy if that’s the case. He got angry and upset, stared at me angrily and ran away.

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