Me and my friend have uploaded several demos for the unbelievable RC sex toys that we created

I have a politician friend who always tells me that President Coolidge was the biggest believer of the ‘Coolidge Effect’ and wouldn’t usually sleep unless he had a virgin lying by him. I don’t know how much of truth is there in my friend’s claim, but I can say one thing for sure and that is that the President Coolidge’s face always looked like he just sniffed some fresh pink pussy.

I don’t agree with those who say that bad sex is not worth your time, because according to me, there is no such thing as ‘bad sex’. If you feel that the sex you just had was bad, then there is literally something wrong with you.

Me and an engineer friend of mine – William, have been working on to create remote controlled sex toys like nobody has ever seen before. We have already put some demos of such remote controlled sex toys on different Pornhub videos.

This engineer friend of mine was born to sex activist parents, who are some of the most active pro-abortion activists in whole of United States.

William claims that benching a lot reduces the dick size and also reduces the sensitivity on your dick. He is a bodybuilding enthusiast who doesn’t bench at all.

William says that it is a lot of fun seeing so many pussies and dicks going out on war with each other in the porn industry. William believes that no matter how much JMac tries, he cannot ever replace Johnny Sins. He further adds that forget about Johnny Sins, he can never even replace Johnny Castle.

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