Even those who support measure B publicly prefer to watch a woman getting fucked without the man wearing a condom when alone

I believe that only someone with a serious mental issue is going to marry or hire hookers when he can fuck a fleshlight or a sex doll watching his favorite XXX Video with just one-time investment.

Almost everything has gone expensive over the past 2 decades, gasoline, food, real estate, you name it, but in case of the porn, only quality has gone up, not the price, almost all of it is free now if you have a high speed internet connection. There would have been no Jesus Christ if there were porn in the ancient times, Jesus would be too busy choking his pee-pee.

In the August of this year, I met a career woman who aims to be the CEO of the company she has been working for the past 4 years. I never knew that she was a pornstar as well until I saw a video of her about 3-4 days ago. If I knew it already, I would have asked her whether she works as an escort as well, she was really fine with a big butt and large firm natural-looking breasts. I know that I am contradicting what I wrote at the start of this post but I really fell in love with her since I met her and would do anything to sniff and fuck her pink pussy once.

I personally believe that measure B is a must and it must be enforced among pornstars everywhere. I am reminded of this because I saw the male pornstar fucking that career woman in the video had a condom on throughout, even during the BJ, which is really a sign of progress.

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