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It is indeed easier to prophesize about a nation’s economy than it is to prophesize about the sexual liberation movements going across the world.

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Although I have had fun with an unbelievable number of women, it was only a couple of times that I got to enjoy a virgin, although I always used to prey on 18 or 19 years old. It is easier to find gems that finding an adult virgin woman who is also pure and pious in her thoughts in the modern era. And by a pure and pious woman in thoughts, I mean a woman who when doesn’t get a dick each night, doesn’t also think or dream about getting one every night before finally falling asleep.

I served in Afghanistan for 2 years and I was really surprised to see there that the affluent people there are as sexually active as their western counterparts, just more promiscuous. The tribal chiefs, the major businessmen, the industrialists, the case was just the same for any of those.

Republican Party Mayors watch Lingerie Porn with their Water-Based Lube by their side

I have a nutritionist friend who claims that eating a tons of protein is bad for your libido but eating tons of vitamins does right the opposite. I have been taking 3 different multivitamins belonging to three different brands ever seen and it is hard to detect whether my friend is not trolling me, because I have always had a strong libido and I have never taken any sort of protein supplements ever in the past.

This nutritionist friend of mine also told me that all those trying to find out what their favorite rockstar from the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s eats that keeps him looking so fresh and young are clearly misguided. He claims that the real secret is the different pussy that they get to be inside each night. He claims that fucking the same pussy each night doesn’t do any good to your dick, but fucking a different one is a whole different story.

Myself and my nutritionist friend, both agree that those who believe that further sexual liberation across the world will lead to higher population growth rate are needed to be declared as mentally retarded.

I am really astounded at the statements made by the mayors or wannabe mayors belonging to the Republican Party against Porn. All these fucking Mayors watch lingerie porn when nobody is looking, anybody who knows these crooks will tell you the same.

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I just got recalled of this ex-girlfriend of mine because her father used to be a candidate every 4 years, but could never make it and there you go, decades later, his daughter is a stripper and escort.

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I strongly believe that someone really needs to bring about a revolution in the adult toy business soon enough or it will be over. I don’t think that they have been able to make the adult toys, be it for straight men or women or LGBT community, as technologically advanced as they ought to be. I believe that the reason is there are no major players or some of the biggest multinational corporations working in the arena. If the people had minds broad enough to accept sexuality as it is, the problem wouldn’t have persisted.

I personally believe that there will be a larger number of popular porn series than all the other series combined, whether belonging to the television, internet or magazines, by the year 2030.

I recently met an immigrant from Israel in the New York City, who told me that the fucking that goes on between the Israeli male and female soldiers on a daily basis is unbelievable. He further added that those Israeli soldiers fuck better than most of the pornstars. I asked him whether he got lucky ever, he replied “No, because he is ugly and not confident enough. His dick is also small.” I advised him to join the porn industry and play the role of little cuckold sissy if that’s the case. He got angry and upset, stared at me angrily and ran away.

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I have a politician friend who always tells me that President Coolidge was the biggest believer of the ‘Coolidge Effect’ and wouldn’t usually sleep unless he had a virgin lying by him. I don’t know how much of truth is there in my friend’s claim, but I can say one thing for sure and that is that the President Coolidge’s face always looked like he just sniffed some fresh pink pussy.

I don’t agree with those who say that bad sex is not worth your time, because according to me, there is no such thing as ‘bad sex’. If you feel that the sex you just had was bad, then there is literally something wrong with you.

Me and an engineer friend of mine – William, have been working on to create remote controlled sex toys like nobody has ever seen before. We have already put some demos of such remote controlled sex toys on different Pornhub videos.

This engineer friend of mine was born to sex activist parents, who are some of the most active pro-abortion activists in whole of United States.

William claims that benching a lot reduces the dick size and also reduces the sensitivity on your dick. He is a bodybuilding enthusiast who doesn’t bench at all.

William says that it is a lot of fun seeing so many pussies and dicks going out on war with each other in the porn industry. William believes that no matter how much JMac tries, he cannot ever replace Johnny Sins. He further adds that forget about Johnny Sins, he can never even replace Johnny Castle.

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It is really a false notion that the millennials don’t have as much sex as their peers. All those spreading such notions have low sex drives and similar is the case with their friends and the family, and they falsely believe that the similar is the case with others, which is far from the truth. I have never seen so much fucking going between the spouses, strangers, fuckbuddies, live-in couples and not to mention family members as well. Nobody is going to tell you that they fuck one or more of their family member(s), but if you want to experience this reality, watch amateur Hungarian sex videos (magyar szexvideók). Most amateur Hungarian sex videos lately have been those of the family members fucking each other, with aunt and nephew videos topping the numbers.

I have never had sex with a Hungarian woman ever in my life but I have had enough of it with the Slovenians. There used to be this Slovenian boss of mine in the company that I work at, I used to fuck his tranny daughter all the time and he never got a clue about it. I miss that tranny, she used to be a marvelous cocksucker. She must be busy sucking a cock while I write this post.

Gynecologist hires strippers all summers and escorts all winters

I studied at the same school as the Saraya-Jade Bevis aka Paige of the WWE. She used to be one of the nicest girls in the school and I believe that it is the dirty pro-wrestling business that ruined her with the drug usage and made her a sex addict. Whatever the case may be, I think that she should start escorting or stripping rather than trying her hand in any other business, because that is because escorting and stripping is where the easy money is for dumb girls like herself. She could also try becoming a pornstar.

Anyways, I wanted to tell you all about this Gynecologist friend of mine who fucks escorts all winters, hires female strippers all summers, stays celibate in the rainy season and doesn’t plan to ever get married. I applaud this friend of mine for most of his decisions. He is really smart.

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I have a Spanish-American friend whose most predictions regarding different movements in the world are really coming true, especially the ones related to the feminist movement. He is also a sort of conspiracy theorist and I have become more like his pupil than his friend lately.

This Spanish-American friend of mine never gets tired of repeating on his blog and in person that he doesn’t believe in the New World Order (NWO) but rather in the New Sex Order (NSO).

I am thinking about teaching sexual sharpshooting and I am gonna use sex dolls for the purpose

I have been wanting to teach sharpshooting classes to the men who have been trying to conceive for a while and I am going to use mini sex doll to teach the same, if it ever happens. I am telling you, if there were medals given for this art anywhere in the world, I would have been a gold medalist times over.

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I have an idea to create a nation which will be called Camgirlia. Everyone in the nation, including the President, the Prime Minister and the Military General, will have to be a Cam Girl and there will be regular Live Sex Shows where all the VIPs of the nation will be shown fucking together. The nation will focus a lot on increasing the population, because more population = more cam models. Remember, the nation will require both males and females to become cam models although the name would be ‘Camgirlia’.

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Last month, I tried making a homemade lube using the instructions as told by two female Youtubers that have a channel by the name “Eat Squat Cum”, only to get a pencil dick. I posted a negative comment telling my condition beneath their video, which they deleted within less than a hour.

Two weeks ago, I fucked a Hillary Clinton lookalike escort, I made her do the roleplay of Hillary Clinton, which she both hated and loved. She loved my behavior with her, but she hated performing the roleplay of Hillary Clinton because she hates Hillary.

My wife is quite funny. She likes to sing a song after we are done fucking. She also sings a song out loud when she is in the mood and I was able to understand it. I don’t know how is it going to go after the birth of our baby, but I am sure that it is not going to be exactly the same. Let us see if it gets worse or better; 90% chances are that it is going to go worse only.

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One paganic religious leader once told me that when a starving and passionate dick full of sensitivity and a starving and passionate pussy oozing with sensuality meet, the minor gods get together and dance. But he added that the societies and religions have killed the sex drive of the people with ugly institutions like marriage, prostitution, etc, and hence it doesn’t happen frequently although we have a population of over 7 billion humans on earth.

It is my personal observation that you can tell about the sex drive of a man or a woman by the kind of music they listen to. Those who like to listen to the Depeche Mode the most seem to have the highest sex drive and that’s the reason why a rising singer that goes by the name ‘Trevor Something’ has so many comments under his Youtube videos with the female commentators wearing nothing but bikinis, lingeries and sometimes nothing at all.

If you are a regular free porn videos watcher, then you must be well aware of the fact that physically stronger men in general have stiffer and stronger dicks and the women with large assets that don’t sag tend to have softer and nicer looking pussies. Such pussies taste 10x better than an average looking pussy.

I personally believe that one day, we will have an Amazon and an eBay of the escort market and that day is not far. What a pity, if they make the society free for sex, we will not have to depend upon such things at all.

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Tony Watanabe started importing VR headsets from the Republic of China and selling the same online and offline after once he couldn’t enjoy his most favorite BBW Hentai porn without a VR headset. Tony realized that there must be a huge demand for the VR headsets after this and he was right, his business is booming ever since.

Tony believes that using foul language doubles the fun while having sex but his wife doesn’t agree with this belief of Tony, she hates it when he uses such language.

Tony says that staying single is highly beneficial for highly sexual women as they can fuck with whoever they like whenever they like without any sort of worries but he says that it is opposite in the men’s case.

Tony’s wife – Emma runs an adult business that only uses drones to deliver the products to save customer from the embarrassment.

Emma says that the demand for fleshlight has increased a lot since the BBW Hentai VR porn has become more popular.

Emma is an accountant by profession and she entered the adult field after she got the job of an accountant at a leading Dildo manufacturing company.

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